Is the system broken?

Some of the questions raised at our June 12 meeting took different paths to the same topic: is the system broken? Are too many kids falling through the cracks? And what can we do about it? We did not get to address these questions at the meeting, so I invite everyone to weigh in on these issues.

“How can you expect parents, teachers, and the community to continue to support and not give up on a school system, which seems to be giving up on our kids. For example, fewer electives at middle school, bigger class sizes across the board. These are items that decrease the effectiveness of our children’s education.”

“How much of a priority do you feel it is to keep class sizes at or below their current levels? If tis is a high priority, what can be done to accomplish this?”

“I had the privilege of attending the Glenn Singleton all-district development day. He challenged us to meet all students’ needs. I can name dozens of minority students falling through the cracks, just at the elementary level. As we examine each program, we need to aim for meeting all students’ needs – not just the privileged ‘squeaky wheels.’”

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