Views on the role of teachers

We had a number of questions raised about teachers at our June 12 meeting, only some of which were addressed by our panelists that night. The questions revolve around different perspectives on teachers: from inside, with concerns about morale and support, and from outside, with concerns about effectiveness and misperception. Here is a sample:

“While teachers have been asked to make repeated concessions in recent years, persistent negative attitudes about the union have made it difficult to build public support for increased revenues for schools. What can all parties – teachers, parents, administrators – do to overcome this obstacle? What substantive steps can the Education Assn. [union] take to address the concerns raised?”

“How will we attract and maintain quality teachers to our district? How can we best support our teachers so that they have the resources and conditions to do their jobs effectively?”

“What are we doing to hold school administration responsible for getting rid of ineffective, bad teachers?”

“We have heard how parents can contribute to the quality of our students’ education through volunteer commitments. What are the teachers willing to contribute – not as employees, but as members of our school communities? Participation of teachers in PTO and activities outside of school hours is at an all time low. Are teachers willing to step up and play a more significant role in making up for extra activities cut by the lack of funding?”

“Morale can be low – at a building level, our children’s needs not met. How can we expect these same parents to want to give time and money when we are frustrated with ineffective teaching and poor building leadership?”

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